[130914] After School performing at TOKYO RUNWAY part 1 (10P) 

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[BTS] Lizzy cameo in SNS drama ‘After School, lucky or not’ (6P)

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130807 Lizzy at Tea time event with lucky fans - part 2 (4P)

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130807 Lizzy at Tea time event with lucky fans - part 1 (8P + 1fancam)


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Lizzy in interview with Cuvism Magazine (6P) + 1 video

Video: http://youtu.be/Fdd3ruoYDa4

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Trans a part in cuvism magazine interview

Q: Who is the most gumptious new member? 

Jungah: Of course it’s Lizzy. Maybe not. I think it’s Uie!
Uie: No no. I think it’s Lizzy as well.
Jungah: Actually when a new member comes in, she usually has to watch out for the unnies and usually be quiet. But as soon as Lizzy joined us, she was the only member who started using dialect and was really lively/ full of energy.(laugh) I find it really cute. 
Uie: I was deceived by Lizzy at first. I was only able to see her in school uniform and she was pretty quiet. Therefore I thought that Lizzy was a well-behaved child, but it turned out that I was wrong (laugh)

Lizzy in interview with Tenasia (3P) 

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RT #KMW After School Lizzy’s @p_lizzy missing items in Bangkok, Thailand. 4 languages.

มีใครพบเห็น Galaxy S2 LTE เคสคิตตี้,iPad มีสติ๊กเกอร์คิตตี้เสือดาวติดอยู่ด้านหลัง โปรดส่งคืน @p_Lizzy After school ค่ะ

Lizzy had her phone and ipad stolen. Her Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE phone with cubic Kitty and her iPad with a leopard Kitty sticker at the back. Help her find it please!

갤럭시S2 LTE 흰색에 뒤엔 큐빅키티, 아이패드 흰색에 핑크색커버에 뒤에는 키티호피스티커 붙은거 가져가시거나 보신분 제발좀 돌려주세요….돈은 됐고 그거만 태국에서 보신분 찾아주세요 ㅠㅠ…

拿走或是有看到白色Galaxy S2 LTE 後面有立方Kitty, iPad 白色粉紅套子後面貼著豹紋Kitty的人 拜託還給我….錢就算了 請找找在泰國有看到那個的人ㅠㅠ.. @p_lizzy



Mnet M! Countdown - Lizzy MCing (enews)

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AFTERSCHOOL (アフタースクール) (Kahi Juyeon U-ie Lizzy) - Miss Futuristic (Preview)

Lizzy’s voice in the first 6 seconds ^^

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