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Fan Account Lizzy ver. (Show Champion/MTV the Show 6/26)

Fans all lined up for show champion Flashback pre-recording early in the morning. Show champion is nice because we get to stand really close, and when they perform once they don’t go backstage, but sit on the side and rest. Because i signed up on the fancafe, i always get to stand in the front or second row. During Flashback, an ahjusshi let me move to the first row on the right facing the stage. And if you have noticed, Lizzy is always on the right for Flashback… that’s why I always aim for right side or centre. Luckily, the resting seats stage for AS was also on the right. Therefore basically I was probably 1m away from them. After the first recording, they were really tired. Flashback is such a tiring dance that when they finish performing, they are just drained of energy and just want to sit down. Oh and it was the day that Lizzy hurt her toe. She had a bandage around it and everytime she wasn’t performing, she had to lean on a staff or rest painfully. When they sat at the resting area, their eyes didn’t focus and they were sweating. They were either viewing the recorded performance on a small TV in front of them or getting their makeup fixed, or suffering from the heat and exhaustion. Lizzy was really tired so I called Jungah and mouthed that my friend missed her. She heard the name and gave an OK hand gesture, repeated his name and smiled. Then I silently mouthed “lizzy…” she looked up and I pointed to her toe. She was like “o.o?” so I pointed to my foot and her toe then mouthed “아파요?” (Does it hurt?). She gave me the :( face, and nodded then placed her hands under her eyes and made them into a fist and showed a crying gesture. The second recording, while trying to read a korean fan’s ipad, she tripped over jungah and hurt her toe even more. She was close to tears and kept limping. But she was really professional and carried on with the recording. It hurt to see her like that….

Then all the fans rushed to MTV live for the next prerecordinkg. i was front row centre left for rip off (perfect spot). I held up my friend’s ipad with a message telling lizzy for her toe to get better soon. She saw it and smiled and nodded and gave me an OK sign. Then on the ipad, I switched to a picture of her i doodled with “리지 여신” in korean beside it. I guess I really wanted to cheer her up that day because it really hurt to see her in pain. But you know as a fan there wasn’t much to do. So my doodle was really.. kinda embarassing and stupid. I called “lizzy” softly… (although i was sure other members could see it too..) lizzy squinted at the picture then bursted out laughing. Then after the performance.. they were preparing to perform a second time. However, my head was right under the centre camera so she couldn’t help but see my picture again.. and she suddenly tried to stop herself from smiling at it. Then fans went outside to wait for flashback prerecording. When we went in again, i was on the very right side. And this time i had a different drawing (her face i drew) with “섹시 리지” beside it. A korean fan helped me call her (uhh i am shy lol) and pointed at the ipad. Lizzy nodded then started laughing again. Then at mtv live show, we could watch other groups. But mtv live is a bit different because during your support idol group’s turn, you could move up and stand in the front. This time i wasn’t holding anything but i was.. centre right again. Usually lizzy has pokerface on stage and don’t make eye contact (most of them are, i guess focused on what they were about to perform), unless you call them or say something (but not rudely and most fans don’t keep doing it). But since my spot was always in front of lizzy.. she looked down and we made eye contact accidentally. i didnt hold anything this time but i smiled/smirked at her then laughed, remembering my stupidity from before. She suddenly started silent smiling/laughing again too. She was so cute T.T but that day really strained her toe because of their packed schedule and the number of times they had to record.

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