What are some facts about Lizzy? What's her overall personality?

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Thank you for asking this question anon~ Actually, I don’t know Lizzy personally and therefore I can’t force anyone to agree with me. But these are my thoughts about Lizzy’s personality after I met her:

Lizzy is not your typical, everyday cute girl. She’s not simply crazy and happy all the time like most of us think she is. Moreover, you would think that her happiness makes her seem like she’s the type to “follow-the-crowd” without her own opinions or thoughts. However, in my opinion, Lizzy probably has one of the most complicated and interesting personalities. Yes, she’s cute. Yes, she’s crazy. Yes, she’s funny. But she’s also stubborn in what she believes in. If she believes something is wrong, she actually makes it quite obvious… when she dislikes something, she will tell you she hates it. Is she happy 24/7? No one is happy 24/7. However, because she is an idol who has to maintain an image (like all idols have to do), she is constantly trying to entertain her fans by appearing to be energetic. This doesn’t mean she’s fake. It means she’s ultra professional. When you see her on a variety show with those heavy dark circles under her eyes and still smiling and chatting away like she’s on a happy pill, do you ever wonder how she does it? It’s not just because she’s “crazy” or that her “personality is just-like-that”. She’s human. And you know what? I think she’s truly amazing for never passing a single opportunity on any show to present and promote herself to the extreme. Furthermore, this girl is probably one of the most intelligent idols you will ever find. I’m not talking about academic scores or anything in that field. I’m referring to her high EQ. Simply put, she is fully aware of people’s emotions. Lizzy is always seeking to make people laugh. She likes the attention and is constantly trying to make others happy because of her. Oh and a fact~ ;) Lizzy hates almonds. 

Hope this answer your question! My comment solely reflects my own opinion. ^^ I’m sure everyone has their own take on Lizzy’s personality. 

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